Embark on the

Journey of Cosmetic Dentistry

Our Cosmetic Programme is a comprehensive training program designed to equip aspiring clinicians with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the field of cosmetic dentistry. This programme spans over a period of four years and provides a structured curriculum that combines theoretical education with practical clinical training. Our programme is tailored to suit the needs of inexperienced graduates where we will provide ongoing support to help our trainees succeed in their careers.

How to enrol on the programme?


Preliminary Assessment

All the applications of candidates that meet the minimum criteria will be reviewed in detail. A clinical interview will be conducted to assess and determine your suitability to see if you are a right fit for the programme. To enrol, you must pass the clinical interview and eligibility assessment.



We first help you obtain your GDC Registration and provide unlimited access to CPD courses and assistance with dental indemnity. We will initially teach you general and cosmetic dentistry and gradually start pushing you towards complex cosmetic treatments as your confidence and competence increase.


Guaranteed Job

Saint Visage will propose a list of locations within the United Kingdom for you to choose from based on the location’s availability at that time. We can provide financial assistance to help with the candidate’s accommodation and further assistance upon request.

Visa Application

We have partnered with a law firm specialising in Skilled Worker Visas to ensure all associates meet their employment timeline for entry into the U.K. within a timeframe of 30 days.

Performer Number Application

We will help prepare your application to register you on the NHS Performers List. We will work closely with the dental clinic to monitor your progress and provide you with guidance.

Mentorship & Training

Saint Visage will cover the cost of your training and mentorship, ensuring each associate has a motivated cosmetic mentor dedicating the time and energy required for the associate’s clinical development.

Further Development

A range of dental courses will be provided, aiding in their development to becoming successful practitioners while ensuring continuous professional development/progression, i.e., Cosmetic Dentistry, Botox/fillers, Invisalign, etc.


Our programme provides students with an in-depth comprehension of cosmetic dentistry, from the fundamentals to the intricate techniques needed to perform cosmetic procedures. Our curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of students who want to gain knowledge and expertise in cosmetic dentistry, and our experienced instructors are dedicated to providing the best possible training. Moreover, we strive to provide a supportive and stimulating learning atmosphere that promotes student success and meets their unique educational needs.

Programme Duration:

The Cosmetic Programme offers a four-year mentorship program to help associates become skilled cosmetic dentists in the UK. Our mentors will guide and teach fundamental clinical skills and knowledge in cosmetic dentistry, providing real-world experience and building confidence in handling complex cases. This aspect of the program is critical in reinforcing classroom knowledge, honing skills, and staying current with trends and techniques.

Programme Outcome:

By completing the comprehensive curriculum and hands-on experience, graduates will have an extensive understanding of advanced concepts in cosmetic dentistry, including occlusion, botox, fillers, smile design, facial aesthetics, and full mouth reconstruction. Furthermore, they will acquire great patient communication skills, business management skills and will be proficient in using the latest technologies and dental materials. Graduates will emerge confident, highly trained cosmetic dentists with a broad range of skills and knowledge that they can apply to different cosmetic dentistry cases.

What can the associates expect to learn:

In our 4-year cosmetic programme, associates can expect to learn:

  • Core principles and theories of cosmetic dentistry

  • Patient communication and management

  • Advanced concepts in occlusion, smile design, facial aesthetics, and full mouth reconstruction

  • Case studies and presentation skills

  • Application of the latest technology and dental materials in cosmetic dentistry

  • Ongoing education and access to online learning platforms

  • Mentorship and guidance from experienced cosmetic dentists

  • Confidence in dealing with complex cosmetic cases

Life after the Cosmetic programme!

After successfully completing the cosmetic programme, graduates will have a thorough comprehension of cosmetic dental procedures, patient management, and business practices. 

Our programme’s ultimate objective is to make all graduates highly skilled cosmetic dentists with the knowledge and expertise to proficiently handle all cosmetic cases. Graduates will have a comprehensive understanding of advanced concepts in cosmetic dentistry, including smile design, occlusion, facial aesthetics, and full mouth reconstruction. They will also have the ability to implement cosmetic procedures with confidence and proficiency, making them pioneers in the field of cosmetic dentistry.

Why do so many associates wish to enrol on
our Cosmetic Development Programme?

Cosmetic Specialists:

Our cosmetic program has one of the top cosmetic specialists and trainers in the industry who have a thorough understanding of cosmetic dentistry. Our cosmetic program has a team of renowned specialists who are experts in their field for cosmetic dentistry. We provide exceptional mentorship to aid dental clinicians in achieving their highest potential and performance in their cosmetic practices. Our program emphasises the need for clinical expertise and an eye for detail to obtain optimal cosmetic results for our clients.
Through our exceptional mentorship, we manage clinical expectations and help improve the overall performance of each dentist. Our goal is to transform each associate into the most exceptional cosmetic dentist possible.

Authoritative Resources:

Our program is designed to provide comprehensive and quality education in cosmetic dentistry to our participants. In addition, we support innovative and advanced research in the field to find new and better ways to improve cosmetic dental procedures and patients' outcomes. We strive to be the leading authoritative resource for cosmetic dentistry professionals worldwide, providing guidance on best practices, current trends, and emerging issues relevant to the field.

Mentorship & Training:

The program offers the best mentorship and training in the field of cosmetic dentistry, making it easy to validate your professional expertise. At our cosmetic program, we understand that mentorship and training play a significant role in developing and enhancing professional expertise. We are committed to providing our participants with exceptional training and mentorship programs that are tailored precisely to their needs. We invest heavily in our participants and lay a strong foundation for them, stabilising their skill sets, and maximising their potential, enabling them to become the best cosmetic dentists they can be.

Detailed Communication:

We recognize the importance of detailed communication in delivering high-quality service to our clients. Thus, we provide a recruitment coordinator to handle each case personally to ensure that we fulfil our clients' unique needs. Our program offers 24-hour service through WhatsApp to ensure that our participants have access to support whenever needed.

Exclusive Access to Courses:

Visage Dental Group will extend each associate exclusive access to a range of dental courses at huge, discounted rates including Invisalign, Facial Aesthetics, Implants, Smile Makeovers, etc.

Competitive Contracts:

At our cosmetic program, we recognize the importance of favourable and competitive contracts for our associates. Thus, we offer a highly competitive contract that includes favourable annual earnings per year to those approved for our program. We prioritise everyone's satisfaction and will ensure we agree on terms before any commitment is made.